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Prague at Christmas: Markets And 39 Magical Things To Do

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The image shows Prague at Christmas
The image shows Prague at Christmas

Prague at Christmas is without a doubt one of the most magical places to visit in Europe.

It should be on everyone’s winter city breaks bucket list.

In this guide, I’m going to cover some need-to-know basics like where it is and how to get there, before jumping straight into all of the incredible things to do here.

Of course, you’ll find the essential popular things to do here, but I’m also going to tell you about some hidden gems and lesser-known things that I haven’t seen published anywhere else.

At the end of the guide, you’ll also find some recommended places to stay, as well as an FAQ.

Table of Contents

Where is Prague

The image shows Prague from above during the winter

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, a country located in central Europe.

It’s situated on the incredible Vltava River – which we’ll talk more about later – and is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and cultural significance.

What to expect from Prague in December

The image shows rooftops in Prague covered in snow during December.

Visiting Prague in December has its pros and cons.

But the pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Weather: December in Prague is winter, and temperatures can range from slightly above freezing to below zero.
  • Crowds: December is a super popular time for tourists due to all of the Christmas festivities going on. While the city is bustling with activity, it’s will also crowded. You’ll need to be prepared to book ahead for popular attractions, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you which ones!
  • Winter Wonderland Atmosphere: The city is often covered in a light dusting of snow, which is incredibly picturesque. The historic architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and the Charles Bridge look especially gorgeous in the snow.

Quick picks for Christmas in Prague

The image shows the interior of Klementinum Librabry in Prague

If you’re tight on time, then here are the top four picks of the things to do in Prague at Christmas.

45 Things to Do in Prague at Christmas

Discover Prague Christmas Markets

The image shows Prague Christmas Markets.

It’s no surprise that the Prague Christmas markets are first on the list and what a well-deserved top spot it is.

There are a few markets dotted around the city and they’re all selling similar things.

From local food and mulled wine to handmade crafts and carol singers, there is always something to enjoy at the Christmas market that will almost certainly get you in the festive spirit.

The image shows me walking through the streets of the Prague Christmas market
The image shows cheese at Prague Christmas market.

The most popular market is situated in the Old Town Square of Prague – the real hub of the city that’s surrounded by colourful snow-capped buildings and incredible architecture.

Other popular markets include:

  • Havel’s Market
  • Peace Square Market

Sip a drink and admire the views from Teresa U Prince

The image shows hot chocolate and a view over the city.
The image shows building in Prague.

Teresa U Prince is a little hidden gem in Prague.

It’s situated inside Hotel U Prince and anyone is able to head to the rooftop, however, it also looks like a dreamy place to stay – plus it’s in an incredible location.

It’s only small and the prices aren’t the cheapest – around £5 for a hot chocolate – which is way more expensive than other cities in eastern Europe like Gdansk in winter.

But, the views are epic and you’ll pay way less for a hot chocolate with a view than if you were to climb to the top of the – more popular – Old Town Hall.

I walked straight in on a Friday, but I expect as more people clock onto this place, it will become a little more difficult, so bear this in mind!

Visit the Lumia Gallery

The image shows a light illusion inside the Lumia Gallery.
The image shows a light illusion inside the Lumia Gallery.

The Lumia Gallery is a fun and cheap thing to do in Prague at Christmas that’s well worth getting tickets for.

It provides a well-needed bit of rest bite from the cold and you’ll be mesmerised by all of the light tricks on shows.

From mirror mazes to interactive digital art, wandering through the gallery is entertaining for people of all ages.

It’s situated in the Old Town – not too far from the Christmas Market in fact – so popping afterwards to warm up is a good idea.

It’s not super necessary, but sometimes I saw a bit of a queue for this place – particularly when it started to snow – so it might be worth grabbing tickets ahead of time.

Check prices: Lumia Gallery Tickets

Ride in a horse drawn carriage

The image shows a carriage.
The image shows a horse.

For a fairy-tale moment, taking a ride in a horse and carriage is a little slice of magic.

Trotting through the bustling streets, with beautiful architecture and colourful buildings sprinkled in snow, whilst you’re wrapped up warm in a blanket in a horse-drawn carriage is one of the best ways to see the city.

You’ll be able to find this activity all around the outskirts of the Christmas Market in the Old Town.

Try the famous Chimney Cakes

The image shows Chimney Cakes being cooked in Prague.
The image shows me eating a Chimney Cake.

No trip to Prague is complete without trying a famous Chimney Cake.

And to be honest, it will be hard to miss them.

They’re being sold on pretty much every street.

Whether thats in a dedicated shop or on a street stall, you can’t really escape them.

The best way to describe a Chimney Cake would be to say it’s like a cup-shaped churro thats often filled with cream, ice cream or some other yummy sweet treat.

You can’t go wrong with the classic vanilla and cinnamon Chimney Cake, but my preference was the one filled with chocolate!

Marvel at the Astronomical clock

The image shows the Astronomical Clock.

One of the most popular sights to see is the Astronomical Clock on the side of the town hall in the Old Town.

This is without a doubt, one of the busiest spots in Prague.

Be prepared for people barging their way through the crowds and a little challenge when it comes to getting pictures without people in!

People gather here for a few reasons:

  • To see the clock
  • Because it’s close to the Christmas market
  • There are tonnes of restaurants around it

Besides the hustle and bustle, it is pretty impressive to see.

It’s been stuck on the wall since 1410 and it’s the oldest clock in operation.

You’ll notice that it has two pointers – one which goes towards the sun and one which goes towards the moon – which, with snow-filled clouds that block both of these things, has its uses!

Head to the board game cafe

The image shows the board game cafe.

The board game cafe is yet another little hidden gem in the city thats the perfect place to pop into and warm up after a few hours of exploring.

It’s tucked down a little alleyway just off of the main square in Old Town and you’ll find plenty of delicious things to eat and drink on the menu.

If memory serves me correctly, they’re actually a Ukranianian cafe, so you can expect a twist on food and drink here.

And besides that, of course, there are plenty of board games to crack open and play.

Exploring a city at this time of year can be exhausting, so spending an hour or so to recharge your energy in a fun place like this is always a good shout.

One thing I will say though, is that if it looks busy and you’re hungry then don’t bother going in.

I went here twice and the first time it was almost empty and super quick service.

The second time it was jam-packed and we waited far too long just to get a menu.

Visit The World Of Banksy

The image shows The World Of Banksy in Prague.
The image shows Banksy artwork.

The World Of Banksy is an exhibition that is popping up all over Europe and this will be the 3rd one that I’ve seen.

Can you tell that I’m a fan?

However, the location of this one is by far the best.

It’s situated inside of an old church that has had many uses over its time.

From a nightclub and warehouse to the current Bansky Exhibition, it’s got a lot of character!

The artwork is always incredible so be sure to get your tickets via Tiqets beforehand.

Check prices: The World Of Banksy Tickets

Grab some souvenirs at the Duck Boutique

This one might sound a bit strange, but these Duck Boutiques seem to be everywhere in the city.

And if you’re wondering what the heck a Duck Boutique is, then it’s a store where you can buy souvenir rubber ducks that look like all sorts of things.

From princess ducks to superheroes and everything in between, this funny souvenir is a popular thing to take home from your trip.

It’s also a great Secret Santa gift if you’re planning to get some of your Christmas shopping done while you’re here!

Have fun at the Museum of Illusions

The image shows me walking inside the Museum of Illusions.
The image shows the Museum of Illusions.

The Museum of Illusions is one of the most popular museums in the city and for good reason.

You’ll have great fun creating some of the best optical illusions and capturing some comical images to send home to your family and friends.

It’s not a huge museum and so you’ll only be here for around 45 minutes, but it’s situated in the heart of the city and a nice experience to add to the list of things to do in Prague at Christmas time.

Check prices: Museum of Illusion Tickets

Dine in an igloo at Crystal Gardens

The image shows an igloo in Prague.

Crystal Gardens is a fancy restaurant and cocktail bar in Prague that I happened to stumble across one night.

They have the most gorgeous outside dining area, with fairy lights twinkling in every corner.

But, the real attraction here is the igloos which you can dine in.

If you’re keen to try some upscale European food made from local ingredients in the undeniably Instagram-worthy igloos, then this is the spot to head to.

Take a walking tour

The image shows a walking tour guide in Prague.
The image shows a group of people on a walking tour in Prague.

Walking tours are one of the best ways to get your bearings and learn about the history of the area when you arrive in a new city.

They’re usually popular in most cities but in Prague, it’s taken to a whole new level.

Honestly, I have never seen so many people on walking tours in one city.

And, you’ll be spoilt for choice, which makes it a tough decision.

After some heavy research, here are the three tours which made it to the final selection:

  • Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter

    This one is good because it covers the most popular areas in Prague whilst also showcasing some more local and hidden spots.

    It’s also great if you’re on a budget.

    Check prices: tickets

  • Walking tour and Prague Castle

    This tour is a great choice for those who want to cover all of the popular spots, including a trip to Prague Castle (one of the best and most popular things to do in Prague at Christmas)

    Check prices: tickets

  • Walking tour and River Cruise lunch

    This one is one of the best-rated experiences and a good combo deal.

    You’ll spend the morning on the walking tour and then warm up with a river cruise and authentic Czech lunch whilst taking in the scenery.

    Check prices: tickets

Discover the Franz Kafka Rotating Head sculpture

The image shows the Franz Kafka rotating head.

There are many sculptures dotted around the city but there is one in particular that attracts attention – The Franz Kafka Rotating Head.

This is little more than something to look at, but it’s an interesting and unique find while you’re wandering the city streets.

Confusingly, Franz Kafka is actually not the artist responsible for the creation of this sculpture.

In fact, Franz Kafka is actually a writer, who interestingly burnt 90% of his work due to self-doubt.

It was only after his death that his friend went against his will and published the remaining 10% which led to his fame.

The Czech artist David Černý is actually the one responsible for the creation of the Franz Kafka rotating head.

Location: Franz Kafka Rotating Head

Experience a Medieval Dinner

Before we jump into this one I’m going to put my hands up and say I sadly didn’t get to experience this and I am GUTTED!

In fact, I only discovered it after I returned home, but it seems to be one of the most popular and highly rated things to do in Prague.

I honestly don’t know how this one has escaped me.

But, let my mistake be your blessing, because this tour has 9000+ excellent reviews.

If you book tickets for this experience, it looks as though it’s going to be one hell of a fun night.

You’ll get a 3 or 5-course meal from a menu with 6 options, watch live shows and performances, plus unlimited drinks.

What a ball.

A medieval ball.

Check prices: Prague Medieval Dinner Tickets

Pop into the Galerie Vaclava Spaly

The image shows a a girl inside a gallery.

The Galerie Vaclava Spaly is a sweet little gallery that you’ll pass if you’re going from Old Town to the Franz Kafka Rotating Head Sculpture.

It’s got some lovely pieces on display, as well as some more quirky Lego pieces which are interesting.

It looks fairly small and unassuming from the outside, but if art is your thing, you’ll enjoy wandering around for a short while.

Cross the Charles Bridge

The image shows the view of building from the Charles Bridge in Prague.

The Charles Bridge is one of the most iconic places in Prague.

During the winter and at Christmas time, it’s a busy spot to admire the views, watch live performers and perhaps even get a portrait painting or caricature done.

I’d recommend crossing the bridge both during the day and night, as you’ll get a different experience each time.

It’s also nice to cross the bridge and explore some of the things on offer in Malá Strana – also known as Lesser Town.

Take a boat ride along the Vltava River

The image shows a boat cruise on the Vltava River in Prague.

The Vltava River runs directly under Charles Bridge and is where many boat tours run.

This is yet another hugely popular activity in Prague and it’s easy to see why.

Not only will it provide a bit of rest bite from the cold, but it will also show a different perspective of the city.

Plus, depending on the tour that you choose, you’ll also have a guide to share information about the history of the city with you.

If you’re looking for something even more special, then you’ll also notice that there are plenty river cruises that also offer food – whether its snacks, a buffet or a full set menu that you’re after, you’ll find it.

Here are some of the best-rated Vltava River cruises on offer in Prague.

Head up to Prague Castle

The image shows Prague Castle.

Visiting Prague Castle is something thats pretty high on most people’s itinerary.

It’s one of the most famous landmarks in the city and it’s well worth exploring – not only to look at the incredible architecture and learn about the history but to admire the views from the top.

Something to bear in mind is that the castle is very high up.

If you’re planning to walk, it’s a fair few amount of steps that you’ll be climbing.

The image shows two people at the top of Prague Castle.
The image shows the view from the top of Prague Castle.

These aren’t unmanageable for most people, but it’s worth noting if you’re slightly less able.

The castle is free to wander around the outside, but the inside is paid for.

During peak seasons like Christmas, the lines can be extremely long.

It’s recommended to book this skip-the-line ticket if you’re trying to squeeze a lot into your trip.

The castle itself is actually quite big with a lot to see and learn.

If you’re keen to get a guided tour, then I’d recommend booking the ticket below as it’s one of the highest-rated Prague Castle tours available at an affordable price.

Check prices: Prague Castle Guided Tour

Try a unique beer and wine spa

One of the most unusual things I’ve ever seen is this beer and wine spa.

And whilst I didn’t do it myself because I actually don’t like beer or wine (I’m weird, I know), I thought it was a cool thing to add to this list for others who are more adventurous with their taste.

Plus, when I was researching things to do in Prague at Christmas, this was one that just kept on popping up.

Check prices: Beer And Wine Spa Tickets

Scoot through the city

The image shows people on electric scooters in Prague.

If you’re tight on time then hopping on an electric trike to scoot around the city is a cool way to explore.

After a quick test run, your local guide will show you all of the best sights in the city whilst stopping at the important ones to give you more information about the location.

Plus, your guide basically acts as your personal photographer to take as many photos of you with the best spots in Prague!

Check prices: Electric Scooter Tour

Jump on the historical tram

The photo shows a tram in Prague with the sun setting in the background.
The photo shows me walking down a street in Prague with the sun setting.

All around Prague, there are trams.

Most of these are new and they’re a great way to get around, but the old ones are way more authentic and date back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Line 42 is the most popular route for these authentic trams as it takes you to many of the highlights in the city.

With this ticket, you also get discounted rates for some of the major attractions in Prague, which is a nice bonus!

If you’re looking to take it easy on your feet or keep out of the cold whilst still exploring what’s on offer at Christmastime in Prague, this is a great thing to book.

Check prices: Tram Ticket

Check out the ice bar

The photo shows an ice bar.

The Ice Bar is Prague is one of the coolest creations.

And yeah ok, they might be quite common these days, but how many times have you actually experienced one?

If the answer is never, then you definitely need to add this to your Prague winter bucket list.

The ice bar is set to a not-so-warm -7 degrees, but don’t worry, you’ll be given all the gear to stay warm.

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a complimentary cocktail or beer – which of course, you’ll sip from a glass made of ice – and you’ll have around 20 minutes to marvel at the ice creations inside.

This may sound short, but it’s enough time to snap some unique images and it’s certainly all the time you’ll want at those chilly temperatures!

Check prices: Ice Bar Tickets

Go on a Ghost and Legends night tour

A Ghost tour is not my vibe.

I am a complete chicken when it comes to this kind of stuff.

But, I had to include it as it was highly recommended by a friend who is clearly much braver than me.

If you enjoy wandering down dark alleys at night to hear the creepy tales of what happened long ago, then this might be worth checking out.

Check prices: Ghost and Legends Night Tour Tickets

See the Swan Lake Ballet

The photo shows ballerinas.

If you love a good theatre production then the Swan Lake Ballet will be a hit.

Whilst it’s definitely not as long or impressive as the full Swan Lake Ballet performance, this rendition is a great watch for a significantly lower amount of money.

It’s bizarrely situated inside a shopping mall, so you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to suss out the exact location as this can be a challenge with maps and the place is quite unassuming.

Yet, the seating area is well-designed for great viewing, with a performance time of around 90 minutes with a break in between.

The show typically sells out quite quickly, especially when people are trying to find activities to do inside at this time of year.

Check prices: Swan Lake Ballet Tickets

Wander down Prague’s narrowest street

The photo shows the narrowest street in Prague.
The photo shows the narrowest street in Prague.

I’m not going to lie, this one is a bit of a gimmick, but it’s still worth including on this list of things to do if you’re nearby.

Being the narrowest street in Prague is apparently something everyone wants to see, as there is often a long line of people waiting to pass through.

In fact, this has become so popular, they’ve even put a traffic light system in place!

I wouldn’t go out of your way to visit the narrowest street, but it’s more a ‘why not‘ if you’re in the area.

Have a games night at Glow Golf

The photo shows glow golf.
The photo shows glow golf.

Glow Golf is way more than what the venue name suggests.

It’s got golf, plus heaps of other games like table tennis and pool.

It is though, all set in UV-lit rooms so that you can glow in the dark when you put your face paint and glow sticks on that you’ll be given upon arrival.

It’s situated in quite a cool suburb of the city, but it is quite a weird building that looks a bit conspicuous – almost like you’re heading through someone’s garage!

But once you’re inside, the atmosphere is great and it will be a night full of laughs.

Witness the John Lennon Wall

The photo shows the John Lennon wall in Prague.
The photo shows a family having their photo taking in front of the John Lennon Wall in Prague.

The John Lennon Wall is one of the most visited attractions in Prague, but it’s another one which I would only recommend visiting if you’re in the area, rather than going out of your way to see it.

Unless of course, you’re a huge fan of the Beatles or John Lennon.

It’s an entire wall dedicated to graffiti and artwork about John Lennon and so as you can imagine, it’s incredibly colourful and undeniably a cool photo spot in the city.

Indulge in some macaroons at Mad Rabbit

The photo shows the macaroon display at the Mad Hatter in Prague.
The photo shows macaroons inside the Mad Hatter.

For some reason, macaroons are extremely popular in Prague.

They seem to be dotted all over the city, which is weird as I typically associate these with France.

One of the most Instagram-worthy spots to pick up some macaroons in the Mad Rabbit.

There are a number of these cafes all over the place, so keep your eyes peeled and pop in if you see one!

Pop into the Galerie Jakubska

The photo shows art inside a gallery.
The photo shows art inside a gallery.

Galerie Jakubska is a small but free and fairly newgallery that you’ll pass if you’re walking up the steps to Prague Castle.

It’s got some interesting pieces to look at, so if you’ve got time on your way up the stairs then it’s worth checking out.

Plus, it’s free, so why not!

See the book sculpture inside Prague Library

The photo shows the book sculpture inside Prague Library
The photo shows the book sculpture inside Prague Library.

Inside Prague Library, you’ll find an incredible book sculpture.

It’s essentially a tower of books with a mirror inside that makes it look like an infinity tower of books and it’s a really cool sight thats free to visit.

One thing to bear in mind is because it is free and photo-worthy, there is often a large line to witness it.

In fact, I’d recommend getting in the queue 15 minutes before the library opens so that you don’t need to wait that long.

Try some alchemical drinks at Kellyxír 

The photo shows the drinks at at Kellyxir
The photo shows the inside of Kellyxir

Kellyxír is a unique bar thats tucked away in what feels like a cave.

You’ll head down into the dark room thats beautifully decorated with colourful lights that hang from the ceiling, before being seated and served your alchemical drink.

If you’re not familiar with what an alchemical drink is, then it is basically where they put dry ice in your beverage to make it look like it’s a magic position having a chemical reaction.

In my previous experience, I’ve only seen these with alcoholic drinks, but at Kellyxír, every drink on the menu (besides water) is an alchemical drink.

They also serve food here, but it’s quite basic so I’d only head here for a drink rather than lunch – unless you’re happy with a toastie and some chips.

Learn along the WW2 tour

If you’re a history buff, then this WW2 tour is going to be right up your street.

The guides who work on this tour are extremely well-informed, passionate about the history of the Czech Republic, and eager to show off their knowledge.

You’ll cover many areas that are important to the historical tales of the city, including underground cellars and the crypt of Operation Anthropoid.

Check prices: WW2 Tour Tickets

Sip on a drink at the Anonymous Bar

The photo shows a masked waiter.
The photo shows inside Anonymous bar.

The Anonymous Bar is becoming an increasingly popular location to grab a drink.

Which, for somewhere that’s quite difficult to find, is surprising.

My guess is the power of social media has pushed this to be a top spot in the city.

Nevertheless, it is a worthy spot to visit.

Not only is the bar cosy with a great selection of drinks, but the masked staff make it a quirky location to be.

Head to the Chloe Cafe

The photo shows a toastie and chips.
The photo shows the pink lemonade from Chloe Cafe.

The Chloe Cafe is undoubtedly one of the most Instagram-worthy cafes in the city – and they know it.

With almost everything pink and pretty – from the decor to the food – It’s designed so that you’ll want to post it on your socials.

It’s a smart marketing strategy that works!

But besides looking very aesthetic, the food is also extremely good.

Which, I’m not going to lie, I was surprised about.

I thought this place was purely a social media attraction, but the lunch was arguably one of the best I had on the entire trip.

I guess the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ comes to mind.

Dine in the train restaurant

The train restaurant is easily one of the most popular restaurants in Prague.

In fact, it was so popular that because I hadn’t booked ahead at least a week before arriving, we missed out.

I tried three times during our trip as ‘walk-ins’, but every single time the queue was huge.

The train restaurant has a train track that goes all the way around the restaurant, with little trains that deliver your food and drink.

How cute and how cool is that!?

It goes without saying at this point, but book in advance!

Ride in an old-fashioned car around the city

The photo shows an old-fashioned car in Prague.

All over the city, you’ll notice that there are old-fashioned cars on the side of the road – particularly around Old Town.

They look so romantic and can be hired with a driver who will show you the best spots in the city for around an hour and half.

You’ll pay for the price of the car (rather than per person) and so the more people in your group the better the price.

Even so, if there is only a few of you and you’re looking for a nostalgic or romantic activity in this magical European city, then it’s worth treating yourself.

Check prices: Vintage Car Tickets

Listen to a classical music concert

If classical music and fancy buildings are your thing, then you’ll be spoilt for choice.

This activity is a huge hit among tourists and locals alike, and you’ll be blown away by the talent.

Here are three of the most popular choices:

Marvel at the Klementinum Library

The photo shows the Klementinum Library.

I’m so sad to write that this was also one that was missed because of its popularity.

It’s one of the best and biggest attractions in Prague and because this was a last-minute trip, I unfortunately couldn’t get tickets.

The library is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, with an incredible dome-shaped ceiling that’s painted in stunning colours.

Don’t make the same mistake as me!

Check prices: Klementinum Library Tickets

Learn a new skill with a shooting experience

Shooting experiences have been a popular experience in Eastern Europe for quite some time.

It’s a thrilling experience that many won’t get the opportunity to do often, so taking advantage of this centrally located experience – and of course, some respite from the cold – is a great morning or afternoon activity to enjoy.

Learning how to shoot high-profile weapons with precision whilst being supported by expertly trained professionals is also a great way to keep your brain engaged while learning a new skill.

Check prices: Shooting Range Tickets

Best places to stay in Prague at Christmas

Hotel Recommendations

Luxury: Andaz Prague

The photo shows a the room inside Andaz Prague.

The Andaz Prague is where I stayed during my trip and let me tell you – it’s an incredible place.

Not only is it situated just a few minutes walk from the Old Town Christmas Market, but it’s surrounded by plenty of great places to eat and drink as well.

The hotel itself is meticulously decorated, with a stunning interior and exterior – just as you’d expect from a hotel of this calibre.

Inside the intricately designed rooms, you’ll find a free minibar, a luxurious bathroom and a room with gorgeous city views.

I also have to mention that the service and food here was outstanding.

Check prices: Andaz Prague

Mid-range: NYX Hotel Prague by Leonardo Hotels

For a more budget-friendly yet still decent option, NYX Hotel Prague is worth checking out.

It’s just a ten-minute walk from the centre of Old Town, so you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of excellent places to eat and drink.

The interior and exterior both look as though it should be a lot more expensive than it actually is, so it’s a great option to consider if you’re watching the pennies.

Budget: Hotel Royal

For somewhere cheap and cheerful yet also comfortable and reasonably close to the centre, then Hotel Royal gets the vote.

As with most budget choices, it’s fairly basic but provides a cosy room to rest your head for the night.

It’s situated a little further out than the previous two recommendations, however, it’s not so far that it would put you off – especially at the price they’re offering!

How to get there and travel around

Getting there

The photo shows the Jet2 plane.
The photo shows the Jet2 plane wing.


Unless you’re coming from a neighbouring country, the likelihood is that you’re going to be flying to Prague.

For those in the UK, Jet2 flights from Bristol Airport or one of their other hubs are extremely affordable for the short journey.

In fact, Jet2 have a lot of Christmas market-style trips to check out.

From the airport | For the budget travellers out there, you can hop on the 119 bus to Nadrazi Veleslavin for a few euros, before transferring to subway line A to downtown.

Alternatively, Uber is available.

However, it’s worth noting that there is an official ‘Uber Airport’ option on the app that is more expensive.

I couldn’t work out why this was so opted for the regular Uber and had no problem, so save your money and go for this option!

The photo shows Prague airport.


If you’re already in the Czech Republic, then you’ll all of the available buses on Busbud.

Rental car

Alternatively, if you need to hire a car then my go-to platforms are and

Both compare the best deals on the market, but depending on the country you’re heading to, sometimes there are better deals on one rather than the other, so I always check both.

Getting around

There are plenty of trams and buses around the city to hop on for an affordable price, but Prague is such a walkable city that it’s not super that necessary.


The photo shows the colourful buildings in Prague with snow on.
The photo shows the colourful buildings in Prague with snow on.

Is Prague cheap to visit during Christmas?

For an Eastern European country, Prague is surprisingly expensive.

I say surprisingly because most eastern European countries are cheap by comparison to the rest of Europe.

However, I wouldn’t say that Prague is extremely expensive – it’s still cheaper than London and Paris for example.

How many days in Prague is enough?

As you can tell from this list, there are heaps of things to do in Prague.

You could easily spend a week or so ticking off all the things to see and do, however, 3-4 days is more than enough to cover the main city highlights alongside some more unique things to do.

Does it snow in Prague at Christmas?

Yes, it snows in Prague at Christmas.

Be sure to bring plenty of warm clothing and appropriate footwear.

Is Prague busy at Christmas?

Yes, Prague is busy during the festive period.

It’s one of the most picturesque times of the year to visit the city and it provides an excellent atmosphere.

Explore beyond Christmas time in Prague

The photo shows the colourful buildings in Prague.

If you enjoyed reading about all the wonderful things to do in Prague at Christmas and you’re looking for some other destinations nearby, then I’d highly recommend checking out the stunning Swiss towns of Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen in winter.

Stay Wild Travels.

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