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Hey! I’m Millie, a full-time traveller from the UK now living in Peru…

I’ve always had a love for travel for as long as I can remember. I had a bad habit of booking flights to almost any destination I could convince friends and family to join me on. In 2022 I convinced my boyfriend to quit our corporate jobs and sell our house to head on an adventure of a lifetime around Europe and Stay Wild Travels was well under-way. 6 weeks in, we broke up and returned home. After a few weeks of heartbreak, I packed my bags and booked a one-way flight to South America. It was the best decision in my life and opened my eyes even wider to how important it is to keep exploring. I fell in love with the Latin culture – and a Latin boy – who I now live with in Peru. Luckily, his job takes him all over Latin America and we continue to explore new destinations – often staying in one place for a month at a time.


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