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Ubud Monkey Forest: What To Know Before You Go

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In the heart of Ubud, approximately 700 monkeys have set up camp for the long haul across the 12.5 hectares of land that houses the well-known Ubud Monkey Forest.

When you walk through the gates, you’re entering their home and are required to play by their rules; if you don’t, they’ll soon let you know!

These cute and fluffy devils in disguise are sacred in Bali, which means they’re the boss and if they hurt you, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

All jokes aside, as long as you follow the guidelines then you will have a great time at the Ubud Monkey Forest! It’s become one of the most awesome famous landmarks in Asia and you’ll sure to have fun.

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Vines draping within Ubud Monkey Forest in the summer
Ubud Monkey Forest Trails


The Monkey Forest can be reached from almost anywhere in Ubud.

Located just off of the main road where all of the restaurants and shops are, you’ll find the entrance gate alongside the market stalls. If you get stuck for directions then you’ll likely be able to spot a few monkeys around the town who can point you in the right direction…. just kidding, don’t ask, you’ll get attacked. Kidding…kind of…


As mentioned above, if you’re staying in Ubud you will most likely be able to walk there.

However, if you’re staying out of town and you’re just visiting for a day trip, then the best way to get there is by downloading the Grab Taxi or Go-Jek app.

You will need a Balinese sim to do this, which is cost-effective, even for a short trip. The easiest way to buy a sim is to pre-order it and pick it up from the airport upon arrival.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to hire a scooter or car (not recommended as the roads are crazy in Bali) then there is parking available.


There are no specific clothing requirements, however, I would not recommend a skirt or dress, just in case the monkeys try and pull it up!


The Ubud Monkey Forest is open every day from 9 am until 5 pm and will set you back 80,000 IDR; the equivalent of £4.12 or $5.63 USD.

Four monkey's on a bridge in Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali
Monkeys at the Forest


We spent roughly 2 hours roaming around the forest and visiting the three temples inside, however you’re free to walk around for as long as you like.


There will be a big board with guidelines as you enter the Ubud Monkey Forest, however, some key ones to note are:

  • You cannot feed the monkeys
  • You are not able to touch the monkeys in Bali (unless they climb on you!)
  • Do not bring anything plastic to the forest (including bags) – I’d recommend taking as little as possible as the monkeys have been known to pinch things such as sunglasses and jewelry!


You may have seen images like the below cropping up on Instagram and been wondering how and why people are trusting the notoriously mischievous monkey thieves with their phones or cameras.

The truth is, they’re not! It’s a trick of the camera.

The monkey’s arms are actually reaching for food that one of the keepers is holding out in one hand while using the other hand to take a picture.

Still, it makes for a pretty cool holiday snap! Just ask one of the keepers to help you out with a monkey selfie.

A selfie with a monkey in Ubud monkey selfie
Monkey Selfie


Let’s start by saying you are pretty unlikely to get rabies from any of the monkeys on your visit. They are regularly monitored by the Primate Research Centre of Udayana University in Bali who deem them very happy and healthy, with 0 cases of rabies in the last 14 years!

So while you’re unlikely to get rabies, that doesn’t mean you won’t get bitten. The monkeys have been known to bite if they feel under any kind of threat, so if you stick to the rules then you’ll be ok…if not, then there’s a first aid center on-site to patch you up, don’t worry!


There are some crazy facts about Bali, particularly about here.

For example, within the forest, there are 186 different types of plants draping between the weaving trails. Most notably, Ubud Monkey Forest is home to a Banyan tree that is thought to be at least 100 years old!

Baby monkeys and their mothers at Ubud Monkey Forest
Baby Monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest

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