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Cabo Beach Clubs: Guide to The Best Spots in Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Cabo Beach Clubs
Cabo Mexico

Heading to one of the Cabo beach clubs offers the perfect mix of luxury amenities, stunning ocean views, and a vibrant atmosphere.

And, you won’t be short of options when it comes to choosing which one to head to first.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know before heading to Cabo and go through all of the best beach clubs so that you can pick the perfect one for you.

At the end of this guide, you’ll also find some additional information on topics such as how Cabo compares to other well-known destinations in Mexico and how long to spend there.

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Where is Cabo

Cabo, or Cabo San Lucas, is a resort city located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.

It is situated on the western coast of Mexico, overlooking the stunning waters of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s surprisingly far apart from the other popular beach destinations of Cancun and Tulum in Mexico – taking around 5 hours by plane!

How to get to Cabo

Cabo San Lucas sign post

By plane

Getting to Cabo San Lucas by plane is the easiest and most common way to reach the city.

The main airport serving the area is Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), which is located approximately 30 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Once you’ve arrived at the airport you’ll need to take one of the below options to reach downtown Cabo San Lucas.

  1. Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminal. The fare for a taxi ride from the airport to downtown Cabo San Lucas is usually $80 and can take up to 4 people – making it $20 per person. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes.

  2. Shuttle: Shared shuttle vans are available for transport from the airport to downtown Cabo San Lucas. These shuttles are usually less expensive than a taxi, but they usually take longer to reach your final destination as they make stops at multiple hotels and resorts. You can book a shuttle service in advance below.

    Check prices: shuttle

  3. Car rental: Many car rental companies have offices at Los Cabos International Airport and this can be a great way to explore the area during your stay – although it will come at a higher price. The drive from the airport to downtown Cabo San Lucas takes approximately 30 minutes and it’s worth noting that you will need to book in advance to avoid extremely high on-the-spot costs at the airport.

    Check prices:

  4. Private transfer for large groups: If you prefer a more luxurious and personalized transportation option, private transfer services for up to 8 people are available. These services offer comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles, and a driver will meet you at the airport and take you directly to your hotel or destination in downtown Cabo San Lucas. You can book a private transfer service in advance below.

    Check prices: private transfer

  5. Bus: You can take the Ruta del Desierto bus from terminal 1 in the airport to downtown Cabo San Lucas for a very affordable price. The buses run from 4:30 am until 11 pm and leave every 8-10 minutes. This is by far the cheapest way to travel to your accommodation, however, this is not a hotel drop-off service and so you will need to be prepared to walk a short distance – often just across the road – to get to the correct location.

By car

Girl in a car

Driving to Cabo San Lucas is an option if you have your own vehicle or are willing to rent one.

The highway is well-maintained, but it can be challenging due to the terrain and the occasional narrow, winding roads.

If you’re coming from the United States-Mexico border in San Diego, California, to Cabo San Lucas, then you can expect it to take approximately 24 hours (depending on traffic and road conditions).

It’s a lengthy drive, but it’s a good little road trip with an excellent final destination.

Plus, if you’ve got a full car and share the driving, it’s not too challenging and often the most cost-effective option.

Check prices:

It’s important to plan your route, ensure that you have the necessary documentation for driving in Mexico, and be aware of safety precautions.

Best time to visit Cabo beach clubs

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Cabo San Lucas has a warm and sunny climate for most of the year, which is why it’s quite a popular destination all year round.

The high season | runs from November to April, with December to February being the peak months.

During this time, the weather is usually sunny and warm, with temperatures ranging from 24-30 degrees Celsius.

Although the crowds and prices may be higher than at other times of the year, this is a great time to visit Cabo beach clubs if you’re looking for a great atmosphere and excellent weather.

The low season | runs from May to October, with July to September being the hottest and most humid months.

During this time, temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius with occasional rain showers.

Although the weather may not be as comfortable as other times during the year, the crowds are smaller, and hotel and beach club rates are often a little lower.

It’s important to note that Cabo San Lucas can experience hurricanes or tropical storms from July to October. If you’re planning to visit during this time, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared for potential changes to your travel plans.

Does Cabo have a party scene?

Beach Party

Yes, Cabo San Lucas has a thriving party scene that attracts heaps of tourists from around the world.

The city is known for its lively nightlife with numerous bars, nightclubs, and of course, beach clubs offering a range of music and entertainment.

You’ll find some great clubs in the downtown area, but the beach clubs are where the best daytime and nighttime entertainment can be found.

You’ll find live music, DJs, and special events happening throughout the year at pretty much all of the beach clubs we’re about to tell you about.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing break but still want to enjoy the beach clubs, then don’t worry as there are also plenty of options that offer a more chilled vibe.

Best Cabo beach clubs

Sur Beach House

Cabo Beach Clubs

Cabo Beach Clubs cocktails
Cabo Beach Clubs

Sur Beach House is a popular beach club and is a must for every Cabo itinerary.

It’s located in a very central location on the beautiful El Medano Beach – one of the best swimmable beaches in Cabo.

It offers guests a chic and stylish atmosphere with an emphasis on high-quality food and drink, and excellent service.

You’ll find a large open-air restaurant, a bar area, and a pool with lounge chairs and daybeds. Guests can enjoy a variety of cuisine, including fresh seafood, sushi, and Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

In the daytime, this beach club tends to be fairly relaxed – with the exception of someday events which occur throughout the year.

However, at night, this is one of the best and perhaps most popular places to be.

During the day, guests can rent paddleboards, kayaks, and other water sports equipment to enjoy in the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

There are also yoga classes and other fitness activities offered on the beach.

At night, Sur Beach House transforms into a lively party spot, with DJs and live music playing until the early hours of the morning.

The club is particularly popular with the younger crowd, but there are options for all ages and tastes.

Hacienda Beach Club and Residence

Dining area of a beach club in Cabo
Sunloungers of beach club in Cabo

Hacienda Beach Club and Residence is a luxury beachfront resort.

Just like Sur Beach House, it’s situated on the beautiful El Medano Beach and just a short walk from the bustling downtown area of Cabo San Lucas.

Whilst we’re including it on this list of best Cabo beach clubs, it’s also one of the best places to stay in the city.

The resort features a variety of accommodations, including spacious villas and residences with multiple bedrooms, private pools, and stunning ocean views.

All of the accommodations are elegantly decorated and offer top-of-the-line amenities and services, including a spa, fitness centre, tennis courts and a kid’s club.

As for the beach club, it offers guests access to a private section of Medano Beach and features a large infinity pool, a hot tub, and comfortable lounge chairs and daybeds where guests can relax and soak up the sun.

There is also a restaurant and bar that serves delicious cuisine and refreshing cocktails throughout the day.

In addition – and what we love most about this beach club – is their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The resort has implemented a variety of eco-friendly initiatives, such as using solar power and recycling programs, to minimize its impact on the environment.

Check prices: Hacienda Beach Club and Residence

Corazon Beach Club

Cabo Beach Clubs
Cabo Beach Clubs

Corazon Beach Club is for those who enjoy a more relaxed vibe.

It’s situated on the stunning Playa Solmar – known for its clear blue waters and breathtaking views.

It’s a quiet and secluded beach with some epic scenery with tonnes of opportunity to get involved in watersports during the day.

The beach club offers a laid-back and casual atmosphere, with comfortable seating areas and umbrellas for shade.

Guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines, including fresh seafood, tacos, and salads, as well as a selection of cocktails and other refreshing drinks.

Throughout the day and night, Corazon Beach Club has live music and entertainment which is performed on a stage in front of a dance floor.

Although it is fairly chilled in comparison to some of the other beach clubs, it still provides a great atmosphere and definitely a spot worth heading to when you need a day off from hard-core partying.

Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos

Cabo Beach Club event
Cabo Beach Club event

Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos is part of the Blue Marlin Ibiza brand, which is known for its upscale beach clubs and parties in Ibiza, Spain.

The Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos is situated in the beautiful setting of the Sea of Cortez, offering a unique experience for visitors.

The club features a large outdoor pool, a beachfront area with cabanas, and a restaurant serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

In addition to its stunning location and luxurious amenities, Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos is known for its lively parties and events, featuring internationally renowned DJs and musicians.

It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists and has become a hotspot for those looking for a high-end beach club experience in Los Cabos that really knows how to throw a good party.

For those looking for a night to remember, this is a must on any Cabo San Lucas itinerary.

Mango Deck

Cabo Beach Club event

Mango Deck is a very lively beach club that’s situated on El Medano Beach. It offers an upbeat atmosphere and is a popular choice among those heading to Cabo for ‘spring break’, with heaps of events throughout the year.

Visitors will find a range of amenities, including a full-service restaurant and bar, beachside seating, and water activities such as jet ski rentals and parasailing.

The club is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and serves a variety of Mexican and American dishes.

Mango Deck is also known for its energetic and festive atmosphere, which includes live music, DJ sets, and contests such as bikini contests and drinking games – needless to say it gets quite wild here.

In addition to its beachfront location and party atmosphere, Mango Deck is also committed to sustainability and responsible tourism.

The club has implemented eco-friendly practices such as using biodegradable straws and recycling and is a member of the Sustainable Travel International organization.

Billygans Beach Club

Beach in Cabo
Deck chairs in Cabo

Billygans Beach Club is a beachfront club offering a fun atmosphere for visitors who want to enjoy the beach, pool, and great food and drinks.

The club features a large pool area with plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas for guests to relax and soak up the sun.

There is also a beach area where guests can enjoy the beautiful sea views and take part in water activities like jet skiing or paddleboarding.

As with most of the Cabo beach clubs, Billygans hosts many live music events, however, it is more relaxed than some of the other beach clubs in the area. For example, you’ll find various activities including yoga during the day.

The club’s restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes, including fresh seafood, tacos, and burgers.

There is also a bar where guests can order some mouthwateringly fantastic signature cocktails.

EL Ganzo Beach Club

Cabo Beach Club

El Ganzo Beach Club is a luxury beach club and hotel on Puerto Los Cabos Beach.

It features a large infinity pool overlooking the ocean, private cabanas, and a bar serving speciality cocktails and light bites.

The club is known for its relaxed and upscale atmosphere, making it a great place to head to for a sophisticated day or night.

In addition to its beach club amenities, El Ganzo also features a boutique hotel with stylish and modern guest rooms and suites. T

he hotel offers guests access to the beach club, as well as a range of other amenities such as a rooftop bar and restaurant, a spa, and a fitness centre.

It goes without saying that you’ll find a variety of events throughout the year, from live music performances to art exhibitions, and cultural events.

The beach club and hotel is a popular destination for those looking for stylish beachfront experiences in Los Cabos.

Check prices: El Ganzo Beach Club

Taboo Beach Club

Cabo Beach Club

Taboo Beach Cabo is a high-end beach club nestled within a prestigious five-star hotel, offering an exclusive experience on the shores of the Sea of Cortez.

Located within the renowned ME Cabo hotel, Taboo Beach Club offers a luxurious beach club setting where guests can indulge in delectable Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

From fresh seafood to tantalizing cocktails, the culinary offerings here are designed to delight the senses.

You’ll also find an extensive selection of premium champagnes, perfect for those seeking a touch of sophistication while lounging by the sea.

Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a leisurely day on the beach, the champagne offerings here add a touch of elegance to the experience.

Moreover, Taboo Beach Club is known for its vibrant party atmosphere, creating a lively ambience for guests to revel in.

With upbeat music, stylish lounges, and a trendy vibe, this is an ideal spot for those looking to socialize, dance, and make lasting memories.

Check prices: ME Cabo Hotel


Cabo Beach Club
Cabo Beach Club

Bagatelle Beach Club Cabo is a luxury beach club and restaurant on the beachfront of El Medano Beach.

The beach club features a large outdoor pool, private cabanas, swinging day-beds and a full-service restaurant and bar.

As the name suggests, the restaurant serves a variety of French-Mediterranean cuisine, and the bar offers an excellent range of cocktails, wines, and champagnes.

Bagatelle Beach Club Cabo is known for its sophisticated and upscale atmosphere and is very ‘instagrammable’ attracting a number of public figures.

The club hosts a variety of events, including DJ sets and themed parties.

Day Passes for beach clubs in Cabo

Day passes at Cabo beach clubs typically provide access to the club’s facilities and amenities for a specific period of time, typically a full day or a half day.

If you’re heading here during peak season, then you’ll want to book ahead – particularly if there is a specific event that you want to go to.

To book ahead, simply head to the website and you’ll often be able to book online or find the contact details to call or email the venue.

How many days to spend in Cabo

Cabo Mexico

The ideal number of days to spend in Cabo San Lucas depends on your travel preferences and interests.

If you are primarily interested in relaxing on the beach and enjoying the local cuisine and nightlife, a 4-7 day trip could be sufficient.

This would allow you to explore the local beaches, visit some of the area’s top restaurants and bars, and enjoy some leisure time.

If you are interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkelling, or fishing, you may want to consider a longer stay of 7-10 days.

This would give you more time to explore the natural beauty of the area, take part in guided tours or excursions, and fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

Ultimately, the amount of time you should spend in Cabo San Lucas will depend on your individual preferences, budget, and travel goals.

Is Cabo more expensive than Cancun?

Infinity pool cabo

The cost of a trip to Cabo versus Cancun will depend on various factors such as the time of year you’re travelling, your accommodation preferences, and the activities and attractions you plan to experience.

In general, Cabo is considered to be a more upscale and luxury destination than Cancun.

As such, accommodations and activities in Cabo San Lucas may be more expensive compared to those in Cancun. However, both destinations offer a range of options that can fit a variety of budgets.

For example, if you’re looking for all-inclusive resorts, Cancun may be a better option as it has a wider range of affordable all-inclusive options.

However, if you’re looking for luxury accommodation as your Mexican Hideaway, Cabo has some of the most high-end resorts and hotels in Mexico.

Overall, it’s possible to have a budget-friendly trip to either destination, but if you’re looking for a luxury experience, Cabo may be the better choice.

Discover beyond Cabo’s beach clubs

sea in Cabo

In conclusion, Cabo beach clubs offer a fabulous way to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf in this stunning Mexican destination.

From luxurious facilities and amenities to delicious culinary offerings and a vibrant party atmosphere, all of the locations on this list provide an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking a day of relaxation or celebration by the sea.

Whether you’re looking for a serene beachside retreat or a lively party scene, there is something for everyone.

You’ll find plenty of other helpful guides on Stay Wild Travels, but if you’re looking for more guides on Mexico, then I’d definitely recommend checking out this Cancun itinerary – it’s way more than just resorts on the beach!

Or, for something with a more hippy vibe, then you may want to consider this 3 day Tulum itinerary. Did you know that Tulum has great cenotes to dive in?

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